Rothsay Creating a renewable future

At Rothsay, we understand that regular fryer changes are essential to maintaining high quality products and the satisfaction of your customers.

We ensure that your used cooking oil collection is on-time so that you can concentrate on business operations without worrying about insufficient oil and grease storage space. Prompt service is critical to your business and Rothsay is committed to delivering fast, reliable, and on-time service to satisfy your needs.

Collection Containers

Rothsay provides a complete line of collection services and equipment to fit your business needs.

Traditional Drum Service

This option is ideal for low volume restaurants with accessibility issues that prevent larger bulk units from being installed or serviced properly.

Rothsay provides clean, 180kg drums that are collected on a regular cycle determined by the amount of used oil generated. Upon pick up, our dedicated vehicles remove the full drum and replace it with a clean unit.


  • 180kg drums
  • Suitable for areas where accessibility is limited
  • All season service capability

Bulk Container Service

Our bulk container service is Rothsay’s most popular option for the collection of used cooking oil. This service allows for scale in collection by holding up to 750kg of raw used oil in one bulk container.

With our experienced drivers and dedicated equipment, Rothsay’s bulk container option is a reliable method for used grease collection.


  • 1000kg (66” x 44”) or 700kg (66” x 34”) bulk collection containers
  • Hold up to 750kg of material
  • Locking lids to prevent theft
  • Dolly wheels for enclosure areas and easy transport
  • All season service capability

Best-In-Class Indoor Collection Systems

As part of the Darling Ingredients family, Rothsay has access to the industry's best in indoor used cooking oil collection options. Distributed under Darling's DAR PRO Solutions brand of products and services, the Cleanstar line of equipment offers our Rothsay customers the "4S Solution: Simple. Safe. Sanitary. Secure."


  • Simple: Simple to learn and easy to move your used cooking oil from your fryers to our truck.
  • Safe: Hot oil is contained; spills and burns are virtually eliminated; no need to open your store's back door.
  • Sanitary: Closed system reduces risk of environmental spills; odors are contained; better curb appeal.
  • Secure: Virtually eliminates the threat of grease theft, preserving the quantity and value of your oil and keeping your customers and employees safe.

Rothsay offers the Cleanstar used oil management system

At this time, Rothsay is offering customers the following indoor models:

Cleanstar 1500 - our premium collection system, fully automated and enclosed for efficient and safe transfer of used grease to our container.

GRN 1500 - for smaller oil volume producers, this enclosed unit fits a smaller footprint.

We also offer options such as our caddy unit or grill grease warmer.

Learn more about our Cleanstar and indoor UCO equipment at DAR PRO Solutions.