Rothsay Biodiesel

Our company is a pioneer in renewable fuel development.

As the first commercialized biodiesel plant in Canada, we have developed extensive manufacturing expertise.

  • We are leaders in biofuels technology and demonstration programs (Bio-mer, Biobus)
  • We offer a superior, dependable, high quality product that is crystal clear
  • We meet or exceed all North American and international fuel specification standards
  • We are the longest running biodiesel plant in Canada
  • We have reliable, on-time shipments with a strong focus on customer service
  • We run a sustainable operation fully integrated with our own feedstock supply and use our biodiesel in our own truck fleets
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Rothsay's biodiesel operation started as a pilot project in 2002 at our Ville-Ste-Catherine operation on the South Shore of Montreal.  During these early years, Rothsay was involved in important biodiesel testing as a part of the BioBus and BioMer projects in Montreal. These projects were, at the time, the most extensive demonstration projects of biodiesel usage in North America.

In August 2005 Rothsay completed the first full scale commercial facility in Canada. Dedicated to continuously improving the operation, Rothsay Biodiesel now produces more than 35 million litres of crystal clear, colourless biodiesel per year that exceeds all national and international specifications.

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that can be used as diesel fuel or heating oil without modifications to nearly all existing burners or engines. Rothsay recycles inedible by-products from meat processing operations and used grease from restaurants to produce this fuel.

Benefits of Biodiesel:

  • More than 78% reduction in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout biodiesel lifecycle compared to petroleum diesel
  • High cetane level, a measure of combustibility, which improves engine responsiveness and reduces particulate emissions
  • Substantial decreases in tailpipe emissions of carbon monoxide, aromatics (PAH and nPAH), and unburned hydrocarbons
  • Extremely high lubricity which protects the fuel systems and extends their life, an important factor with the new ULSD diesel specs.

Who uses Biodiesel?

We do! Rothsay uses blended biodiesel in three of its largest fleets - over 100 trucks run on a minimum of 5% blend of biodiesel year round.  At our Ville Ste Catherine facility, Rothsay runs two of its trucks year round on pure biodiesel. This fuelling program is a truly sustainable process - Rothsay trucks are powered by fuel that has been recycled from the very material that they pick up everyday!

Around the world, biodiesel is used in diesel engines in the following applications:

  • Commercial Road Fleets
  • Transit & School District Bus Fleets
  • Municipal & Government Fleets
  • Heavy Machinery/Off Road
  • Personal Cars & Light Trucks
  • Marine
  • Mining, Parks & Sensitive Ecosystems
  • Heating Fuel
  • Lubricity Additive

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